Fixing fixing

We seem to be stuck between a rock and a hard place at the moment with certain things in the flat.
After lots of fighting we managed to get the developers’ sub-contractors to come and rectify various things that weren’t finished properly.
Some things they did well, but the things they did badly are awful. Communication seems to be more of a problem than sheer incompetence, although the latter’s playing a major role.
When the guys came round, I try to make it clear that whilst there are things I want to be fixed, I don’t want them done if it means that what is supposed to be repaired is simply going to be made worse.
The end result is part a bathroom door frame being replaced with a piece of wood whose grain and colour is completely different from the original and a front door ‘repaired’ by being smeared round the edges with varnish that’s completely the wrong colour.
I can’t understand why a workman would just get on with a job, knowing that it’s either pointless or is going to look awful. There seems to be some cultural thing going on – I think the workmen, who mostly come from India, are afraid to tell me when things really can’t be improved, so they just get on with a complete bodge job instead.
In the UK, Mr Smith (or Mr Smithskynski these days) would suck his teeth and say ‘can’t make it any better, mate – that’s the best it’ll be’. That would mean I’d be able to complain to the developer about poor quality and whatever scratches or blothes would remain as they were. That’d be far better than having the scratches and blotches covered in brown varnish so that they looked like scratches and blotches covered in brown varnish, leaving me irritated, Mrs Saul distinctly unimpressed and us still having to complain to the developer.


One Response to “Fixing fixing”

  1. alexander Says:

    When we first moved here it was into a new apartment block. The bloke downstairs was a burly type, not particulalry bright and a former ‘Mr Birmingham’. The foreman of the ‘building company’ didn’t fix his bath for 3 weeks after he moved in (it was sat in the corridor) despite extensive complaining. End result: he finally went around to the owner’s house where the foreman was having a meeting with the owner and headbutted said foreman.
    Bath fixed next day.

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