Dubai Police have, quite rightly, started to crack down heavily on speeding recently. The fines you pay have gone up severely. What used to be between 100Dhs ($27) and 200Dhs ($56) now appears to be between 400Dhs ($108) to 500Dhs ($136).
How do I know? Because we have two fines for speeding in the Range Rover.
Speeding’s wrong so I can’t complain. I would like to know how fast we were going and exactly where the fine occurred, but I can’t get that info from the Dubai Police website at this point in time.
For five years we’ve been grinding along at 120Kmph in the Wrangler and Vitara, unable to go much over the speed limit even if we’d wanted to. Ironic that this new crackdown coincides with our getting a car that can actually go faster than 120Kmph on an empty road, in complete comfort and safety.


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