Boris kicks off

Boris Johnson’s kicked off his new term as London Mayor with a ban on drinking on London Transport.
I expect most Brits will generally knuckle down and behave themselves, as we tend to do what we’re told, after grumbling a bit. I hadn’t realised drinking was much of a problem. I would have presumed that there are already laws that protect people from behaving badly on the trains and buses, whether they are drinking or not. Shouldn’t those laws simply be enforced?
I can’t help feeling that this banning malarkey is all a bit un-British. Do we really have to ban things in particular? Don’t we already have some nice laws which say, in essence, ‘come on chaps, behave decently, will you?’ Will a crowd of rugby supporters off to Twickers really not be able to sup a few ales on the way over?
I look forward to seeing a besuited City Gent sitting on the 18:32 to Guildford supping a particularly fine claret out of a brown paper bag.


2 Responses to “Boris kicks off”

  1. riz Says:

    I applaud this policy. Young people these days! Britain is going to the dogs, don’t you know? But it isn’t going to work. When there are football, cricket matches, festivals etc, loads of people drink on the underground.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    ……….because for some reason laws have not been enforced or clever lawyers have found loopholes, or because the Crown Prosecution Service can’t make them stick for reasons of "evidnece" or alleged "human rights". It’s weird, we have good laws but don’t seem to be able/willing to enforce them. Home Office priorities also direct Police to turn blind eyes because the system is too full up with other offences. Previous budgets have cut police manpower to the bone so laws go disregarded.

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