Are you a Goth?

This tragedy, as described via the BBC, beggars belief.
I remember when I was around 16 and 17, cycling around and sitting with friends around Richmond town centre. You’d regularly get groups of what we called ‘Kevs’ (short for Kevin) roaming around looking for ‘Goths’. Goths appeared to mean anyone who wasn’t wearing a shellsuit and a baseball cap and didn’t live on any of the nearby council estates. We had ‘The Whitton Lot’ and ‘The Ham Mob’, amongst others. When they weren’t fighting eachother and drinking Special Brew, they were drinking Special Brew and looking for ‘Goths’.
It goes without saying that not everyone from the local council estates was a shellsuit wearing moron, but the Kevs all happened to come from there.
One evening I remember being approached by a bunch of Kevs. ‘Are you a Goth,’ they asked. Being incredibly quick thinking under my floppy hair, I simply replied ‘No, er, I’m not’. ‘Cheers mate. Do you know where there are any?’ was the odd reply.
I wasn’t able to inform them as to the whereabouts of any local Goths.
One evening I got punched in the face by one particular Kev who sat down next to us for a bit before standing up and belting me. We ran off and got the Police, who came back down to the riverside instantly after interviewing us. I identified the guy who hit me and he was arrested and charged. I also made it, with the two friends I was with, to Richmond Magistrates’ Court. He’d pleaded not guilty – standard practice, as advised by defence solicitors for these kinds of crimes as the witnesses don’t usually turn up. We were there though and he changed his plea, being ordered to pay me around £200 at about £5 a week.
The Police praised us for bothering to turn up. Most witnesses didn’t bother and they were pleased to nail this guy, who was a repeat offender, but never convicted. I’d thought he was in his early twenties, but he turned out to be just fifteen years old.
It seems in this, clearly far more tragic case, the Police did their job well too.
I really have no ideas how this kind of awful behaviour can be stopped.


One Response to “Are you a Goth?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    ….typo…don’t you mean not guilty changed to guilty?

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