Istanbul again

After a couple of short trips and a nice few days off in Sri Lanka, work travel is starting up again.
Istanbul today, Ankara day trip tomorrow, then back home to Dubai on Weds. Off to Cairo next week, Oman the week after and a possible Croatia visit at the beginning of May.
Istanbul seemed incredibly exotic the first time I came – this is my fifth or sixth visit at least, so it’s starting to be part of the normal quarterly trek. I always enjoy it though and get kept busy by the local team. It looks like we’re near to closing a couple of good deals that will give us some good local references, rewarding the legwork done so far.
This time I’m in the Hyatt Regency, courtesy of Sun’s excellent corporate rate. An early arrival meant my room wasn’t ready, so I was upgraded to a bigger room overlooking the Bosphorous. The desk is positioned such that my back is facing this wonderful view, so Sun shareholders don’t need to worry – I have been adding value moving forward all afternoon, with no distractions distracting from my value add moving forward.
I’m going to force myself to use the hotel gym. After making efforts to keep the old suit trousers fitting nicely I’ve become a bit lazy again recently, with the proximity of freshly baked cookies right next to the checkout at my local Spinneys not helping the situation… Time to get back into (reasonably) good habits.

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