Fossil Rock again

We lead a fun newbie drive to Fossil Rock, the beginners’ classic, the other day.
I particularly enjoyed getting the chance to drive Brian’s FJ Cruiser for a bit. I can see why it appeals, but personally I’m not too keen on the styling. It was very capable – I locked it in third gear, low range and whizzed up and down Fossil Rock a lot more comfortably that in the Wrangler. Despite it’s offroad styling, this simple drive seemed to dent a few things underneath. Nothing major, but if a car is a real 4×4, a trip to Fossil Rock really shouldn’t cause any damage, cosmetic or otherwise.

I also got a chance to do the same with Rob’s new Wrangler Sport. A more comfortable ride than my 2001 Wrangler, but limited by its automatic gearbox.
For some reason, the Wrangler can only be locked in first and second – I suppose this is fine for rocks, but for sand driving you really need a third, fourth or even fifth gear. Keep it in drive and it changes up, leaving you stuck. Leave it in second and low and you run out of revs pretty quickly. Much improved ride and a nicer interior, but I’d still stick with a manual.
Tim’s Kia did a lot better than I expected. It’s the best candidate for an impromptu bumper remould, but managed the drive easily.
Everyone had the chance to get stuck (apart from me 🙂 ). Tim was particularly proud.

I love this pic (courtesy of Mrs Saul). It looks like it belongs in a Toyota brochure.

A full set, courtesy of Mrs Saul, can be found here.

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