Apartment frustrations

The workmen are in, supposedly to finish off the final round of snagging in the apartment. It’s mostly cosmetic stuff, but I expect the apartment to be completed properly, to get what I am paying for and to have problems that I pointed out in September sorted out.
So far some simple things have been done well, some less so.
A wooden doorframe panel was replaced – the original was slightly damaged towards the bottom but was ok. Its replacement is a different shade of brown, with a different grain, so doesn’t match the door or the rest of the doorframe. It is also damaged.
Grouting in the bathroom has been repaired, apparently with grouting that’s a different colour to the rest of the grouting.
A chip in a marble washbasin has been filled in. Before, if you looked closely, you could see a small chip around the tap. Now it looks as if someone has stuck some pink bubble gum next to the tap.
The ceiling had a dip in it. It doesn’t dip any more, but it does have some odd lines running across it. It wasn’t right before, but didn’t look too bad. It’s still not right and fortunately still doesn’t look too bad. I will just get used to a different kind of not looking quite right.
I don’t understand what goes through these guys’ minds when they are doing these jobs. I made it crystal clear to their supervisors that if ‘repairing’ the various issues that had been flagged would simply make them worse, I’d prefer to leave things as they are. Mrs Saul is not happy.
There is obviously a certain level that gets reached. Beyond that things may be changed, but they won’t be improved.


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