111 Letters

I urge you to head over to Fake Plastic Souks, for an ongoing series quoting from a most useful book – 111 Letters.
The first installments are here and here.
A sample –
Consulting a lawyer
My husband and his mother are maltreating me and my life is very miserable. I am really living in hell. It is now for more than six months that we are separated.
Will it be possible for me to get divorce?
Positive Reply
I think it is possible for you to seek divorce under the circumstances that you have mentioned.
Please come to my office for further action.
Negative Reply
My gentle lady why must you hurry for a divorce?
Take time to cool down.

One Response to “111 Letters”

  1. alexander Says:

    You give me no choice but to post another one in your honour. But after that, it’s weekly only!!!!

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