One lady owner/goodbye Vitara

We bade farewell to Mrs Saul’s Vitara today.
Bought four years ago for ten thousand dirhams (2,721USD) we sold it today for ten thousand dirhams.

Japanese reliability, regular servicing and inflation make for a pretty good return on investment for us and a good price for the buyer, in my opinion.
I advertised it (for free) in the Gulf News and got over forty calls over the two days it was in the paper. Over the last two days, during which there was no advert in the paper, I have had twenty plus calls. According to our security guard, lots of people came to see it – we weren’t in town early this week, but I gave callers the car’s location by text message.
As per my last post, it seems to be a sellers’ market here and we’ve benefited from that.
It was sold to a local gentleman who will use it for weekend desert driving after he converts it to an automatic. Based on what we see when we go offroad, this means two local chaps driving along at insane angles, engine screaming, whilst Westerners stare in amazement as the laws of physics are defied and I am made to feel that I could actually push the Wrangler much harder than I think I can.
Although Mrs Saul only drove it offroad once, it’s more than capable of spending its weekends in the dunes – unlike the current Vitara and its colleagues, it’s an offroad capapble vehicle that can actually go offroad. Today’s Land Cruisers, Pathfinders and Vitaras aren’t vehicles you can take offroad without removing copious amounts of plastic first, but who cares – the people that buy them never use them for that. Mrs Saul’s model has a better approach and departure angle than my Wrangler, is lighter and doubtless more reliable too, as well as looking pretty good.
Transferring ownership was very smooth, thanks to the RTA’s efficient processes.
More details of the selling experience and Mrs Saul’s new car in a future post!


One Response to “One lady owner/goodbye Vitara”

  1. i* Says:

    Wow! Good ROI! And cute car! Perhaps not so cute in the hands of the new owners lol!
    "Transferring ownership was very smooth, thanks to the RTA’s efficient processes"
    Looking forward to that post! Am sure it was smooth-sailing, yeah?!

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