Bienvenue, M. le President

I’ve been enjoying President Sarkozy’s state visit to Britain. It’s good to see some positive messages coming from France – I’m liking what he’s saying about working together, Britain’s economic model, etc.
Watching the highlights on the BBC is hilarious. Sarkozy doesn’t come across as particularly presidential in the clips. He looks more like an excited schoolboy, particularly when sitting next to the Queen at the state banquet.
I was impressed to see how many MPs were managing without a translator during his speech to parliament. I wonder how many of them were actually showing off, pretending they could speak French but not understanding a word?
Carla Bruni looks very elegant, but Sarkozy doesn’t quite seem to know what to do with her – ushering her around, grabbing her arm, etc. I wonder what she and the Duke of Edinburgh spoke about when sitting together at dinner and in the state carriage?
‘Bonjour Carla. Belle journee, n’est-ce pas?’
‘Oui, monsieur le duc’.
‘Hmm, c’est qui le petit Frog dans l’autre carriage avec Liz?’
‘C’est mon mari, le president de la France.’
‘Ah, bien sur! Il est un peu petit pour un president, isn’t he?’
‘Ooh la la!’
‘Pardon, pas d’offense, ce n’est pas sa faute. Alors, dis-moi – ton autre petit-ami, Mick Jagger, est-ce qu’il parle le francais aussi bien que moi?’


2 Responses to “Bienvenue, M. le President”

  1. Nuppster Says:

    Oh lala, je suis surpris que tu parles aussi bien le français. Aurais-tu utilisé un programme spécial ou serait-ce ton ton propre talent ?
    Sure, he looks like a little excited boy and doesn’t look very presidential in his Ray Bans. He reminds me of the people that went to school with me, talking about sailing and wearing Ralph Lauren V-neck pull overs and Polo shirts underneath.
    But then I think France most probably needed somebody to wake that nation up…I now say that although i don’t usually agree with his party’s ideas.

  2. Chris Says:

    Hello Nuppster. I did French at university, so I can still manage to parler un peu de Frog when needed 🙂

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