AC’s back

After several months without the constant rumble of fans, we’ve finally had to start switching on the AC, particularly at night. Shame – in our last place the AC was always on but we’d managed to do without out it in the new place over the winter.
I’m mildly peeved with the AC ‘controllers’ the developer’s installed. Instead of the high-tech touchscreen devices on display in the showhome, which promised sophisticated temperature controls and the ability to order pizza, we have ended up with just a thermostat, three fan speeds and an on/off switch. A timer would have been perfect, but at the very least an ‘auto’ setting would have been nice. So, basically it’s either on or off, with apparently little difference between the slow and fast fan speeds. Odd.
I have sneaky suspicion that as soon as the warranty’s over, we’ll be offered all sorts of upgrades, from only one authorised supplier…


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