Monoglot nation

Cambridge is set to drop the requirement for applicants to have studied a foreign language to GCSE level.
I can understand why they have to do this and have no problem with their efforts to get more students from state schools applying. My problem is the way Britain, or rather its Labour government, are destroying language learning in this way. The requirement to take a language after the age of 14 was dropped in 2004. Now, four years on, we see the results – Britain’s second best university forced to accept students who have not studied a foreign language even to basic levels.
Name one other country whose policies actively discourage language learning? This is sheer idiocy.


2 Responses to “Monoglot nation”

  1. stuart saul Says:

    Bravo, mon fils!

  2. Kigali Says:

    I totally agree: one of the most common comments I get here in Rwanda when I’m speaking French (or Kinyarwanda) is "Are you really English? But English people can’t speak foreign languages!"

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