Sweihan Trip

The Wrangler’s new radiator seems to be doing its job…

Start in low range, third gear, then up to fourth and fifth, down into fourth and third coming back down to let the engine do the braking. When you’re in the bowl it’s quite hard to see where you are exactly – you’re just surrounded by sand! The guys with Nissan Patrols and tiptronic gears found things a little easier. Spend too much time changing from third and up on the Wrangler and you lose power when you need it, spend too much time with the clutch depressed when coming down and you have a tonne and a half of Jeep with no power and control whizzing ever downwards.
An incredible trip, this one. Really pushed me in terms of understanding what the car can do. No major stucks all day, either. The bigger the dunes, the less often people seem to get wedged.
Here’s the view over the edge of the bowl. We didn’t drive down from there – this time at least…

What lies beneath…


2 Responses to “Sweihan Trip”

  1. Surya Says:

    That looks like a great place! Please tell me the location of this large dune/bowl. I’m in AD and Sweihan is much closer than Big Red/Area 53 for us. GPS coordinates, if you have them, will be great.

  2. Chris Says:

    Hi Surya
    Drop me a mail – chirstopher dot s dot saul at gmail dot com – and I’ll mail you the co-ordinates!

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