Radiator explosion pics

Here are some pics of my broken radiator from the other week’s trip to Area 53.
It went bang after some harder than usual pounding up a rather large dune – the garage said it was caused by a faulty radiator cap. Apparently the cap is more than just a simple lid, but also acts as a valve, releasing pressure when needed.
It’s now fixed and seems to be working fine.
Gingerly approaching the still steaming Wrangler…

2,000DHs worth of broken plastic.

Duncan had a great stuck earlier on in the trip. As usual, the worse they look, the easier they often are. He just drove the Pathfinder down the dune, righting it in the process.

Helping Babu move the Wrangler onto the truck by the power of only one hand.

Why worry about getting stuck when this awesome team of desert geniuses is on hand… to get even more stuck than you.


One Response to “Radiator explosion pics”

  1. Aaron Says:

    Looks like you had fun on that trip and the other to Sweihan. Wish I could have come along.

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