Hazard lights are not to be used in fog

I’ve been in Dubai for five and a half years. Five and a half years ago, whenever there was fog, people would drive along with their hazard lights on, seemingly oblivious to the fact that a mass of orange lights flashing around you, with no way of seeing whether a car is indicating to change lanes, would make the situation even more dangerous.
Drivers of the UAE – there’s a reason that your hazard lights are called hazard lights and your fog lights are called fog lights. They serve two different purposes, hence their different names.
It seems that five and a half year later, most drivers still haven’t cottoned on.
It is so blatantly obvious that driving in fog with your hazard lights on, as well as speeding in fog, is a stupid thing to do. All I ever read in the press is letters and comments from people reinforcing this message – I’d love to meet someone who actually thinks hazard lights in fog are a good idea and hear their explanation.
Ironically lots of drivers, particularly BMW drivers for some reason, seem to drive at night with their fog lights on, even when there isn’t any fog. I get the impression that when there is fog they think they are switching their fog lights on, when they are actually switching them off.
I hope the current Dubai Police traffic education programmes are successful in eradicating this practice.


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