Travelympics – definitely off the team

Despite a winning last minute sprint, I am definitely off Mike Belch’s Travelympics Team.
My flight to Zagreb last week was cancelled and I was moved to another flight, losing my business class seat.
The flight to Bucharest went smoothly, but then disaster struck. After a couple of years using e-tickets, this trip was all on a paper ticket, which managed to get lost somewhere down the line despite my usual care and attention when it comes to these things. No problem, I thought, as I rocked up to catch my business class seated flight to Athens from Bucharest. Problems there were…
Although I was in the system, I couldn’t get my seat without my slip of paper. Lots of ‘discussions’ later, it became clear the only way I’d get on the flight was if I bought a new ticket. I duly bought an economy seat, leaving my travel agent the task of getting a refund on the other seat. The comment from the airline rep was quite funny – ‘don’t worry sir, you can simply use that business class one again once you’ve found your ticket and need to fly from Bucharest to Athens again’. I can’t see that happening in a long time.
In Athens I had to go to the Emirates office to get a new ticked issued. This was an e-ticket, which meant I could collect it at the airport – hooray! Paid E33 at the aiport as punishment for losing my ticket and was rewarded with a last minute sprint to the finish with an upgrade to business class.
How did people manage to navigate the world with paper tickets before? I dread to think how many people ended up stranded simply because a slip of paper got left behind in a hotel room or taken by mistake at the gate.
ps I have no idea why I had business class seats for two legs of this journey. Sun is resolutely economy only, unless you’re lucky enough to get a free upgrade. We do get to keep our miles for our own use though.


One Response to “Travelympics – definitely off the team”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I think it’s because a long haul passenger gets a Business seat when he flies internl in Europe,,,so Buch to Athens was Business etc. That’s how it was for me in Olden Days.

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