AV Irritations

I’m reaching boiling point with the new TV and DVD player.
When watching DVDs, Cable TV or video through my iPod, audio is out of synch by up to half a second on the Sony LCD TV. It’s infuriating – rather like watching a badly dubbed foreign language film.
The Bose guys came and stared at the TV for thirty minutes, repeatedly asking me ‘is that better, sir?’. I kept saying ‘no’, as it clearly wasn’t. Then I realised they weren’t actually doing anything other than changing the channel, waiting for a few moments and calling me back in.
Eventually I asked them if they really thought anything was wrong. They said they thought it looked fine and that sometimes lips just looked strange on LCD TVs. We were clearly getting nowhere.
The Sony guy came today and told me I should only watch DVDs from Sony and that Sony can’t help it if the audio is out of synch on TV broadcasts and bad DVDs. Classic buck passing really, which I don’t buy – everything was fine on my old CRT, even when sitting up close and watching closely. DVDs all look fine on my high resolution laptop screen as well. Plus, the DVD we were watching to test things was a BBC DVD, not something bought from the Chinese DVD lady.
Even if other sources are out of synch, the TV should surely provide some method to help users sync the audio up?
I pretended to be a lot more cross than I really was and the Sony guy said he’d ask some more senior engineers – maybe there was a software setting he could adjust or the software could be updated to include a manual setting to help synch audio.
Looking at various forums on the web it seems that I’m far from being the only one with this issue. It seems to affect a lot of people, all using different brands of TVs. As more and more people buy these things, it’s only going to get worse.
It seems to me that it’s something for the TV vendors (and preferably the other device vendors) to address via a setting on the TV. The same problem affects my DVDs, Cable TV and iPod videos. Whilst they might all have badly encoded audio, the fact remains that I’m watching everything through one device – the TV. If the TV provides settings for brightness, contrast and so on, surely it should be able to do something to help with audio.
The Sony technician told me that 80% of his time is spent with customers annoyed with the picture quality on their new expensive LCD HD TVs – they’d all seen the High Def demos in the shop and expected the same thing from the TV signal at home.
I knew what I was getting into in terms of picture quality – resolution is resolution. What I didn’t expect was something as basic as audio not working properly after paying 10,000 Dhs for a TV and 5,000 for a DVD and surround system.
I just want it to work!


8 Responses to “AV Irritations”

  1. Riz Says:

    damn, that’s a worthy rant, especially after spending so much money…can’t believe those Bose guys just stood there while the Sony guy said only watch Sony DVDs! – further proof that stupidity never ceases to amaze us by plumbing new depths!

  2. Darren Moffat Says:

    How are the devices actually connected up ? What kind of cabling are you using for audio and is there an AV amp in the config ?

  3. Ed Says:

    Hey Chris,
    Usually the delay can be controlled on the audio receiver. It’s very common for almost all receivers nowadays to have audio delay settings and I’d be surprised if your surround sound system doesn’t. Although you do mention that the Bose guys already came.

  4. Aaron White Says:

    Do all sources display the same degree of lip sync? or is better on some sources and worse on others?

  5. Aaron White Says:

    Do all sources display the same degree of lip sync? or is better on some sources and worse on others?

  6. James L Says:

    Chris, if BOSE engineers can’t see any problem, I think it’s pretty clear that it’s your own eyes and ears that are out of sync.
    Do you notice the same problem when talking to your wife?

  7. Chris Says:

    Darren, it’s just normal red, white and yellow cabling. The Bose Surround/DVD has a yellow video cable going to the TV. Cable TV goes straight into the TV – the sound is out whether using the TV speakers or the red and white audio out to the Bose.
    Ed – maybe the Bose guys missed something. I will look at some forums.
    Aaron – the lack of synch varies. It’s worse for certain TV channels and is bad to very bad with various DVDs.

  8. samuraisam Says:

    Does the delay only occur with DVD’s or with SAT TV aswell?
    There may be a fault with the DVD player; you could try inputting through another method (component connection) and see if it improves anything.

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