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I use AdBlock on Firefox to block ads and thereby ruin the sole revenue stream of most of the funky Web 2.0 companies that I use. For ages I wondered how Facebook was supposed to make any money – then I saw a colleague accessing Facebook on their un-adblocked laptop, the otherwise clean user-interface surrounded by flashing banners.
Recently the BBC seem to have started putting ads on their front page as well. AdBlock blocks them, but the page looks ugly, with a big advert sized gap at the top of the page between the top menu bar and where the ‘news bit’ actually starts. Very unappealing. I presume that you only get the ads if you’re accessing outside of the UK and therefore are not paying the licence fee? I’m tempted to switch off AdBlock just to see who and what is being advertised.
The BBC have such a great track record for well designed sites that look good, aren’t cluttered and only use Flash and other tools when strictly needed. I hope their web designers redo so that I can continue to block their ads and still have things look good!


4 Responses to “Ads on”

  1. Riz Says:

    Uk calling…just turned off Adblock and checked bbc news. Still no ads. I’m surprised Google hasn’t sent hit men to quietly take out the kind folk who developed this program.

  2. 2020hindsight Says:

    It’s only when accessing outside of the UK. Within the UK there are no ads.
    Your point about the BBC designing good websites is fine – but remember they are doing it for the UK taxpayer (supposedly !) so when people outside the UK block the ads and make the pages look dodgy, should they really care ?
    Personally I hate adverts – I’m a license fee payer in the UK, but based in Dubai so I get the advert version .. but like you, AdBlock gets rid of ’em all !

  3. Chris Says:

    Fair point 2020hindsight. Personally I’d happily pay three times the licence fee if it meant I could get ad free BBC sites and access to BBC TV as well!

  4. 2020hindsight Says:

    You’ll get no arguments from me on that ! Three hundred quid a year for the Beeb, now that would be a bargain. We’re seriously considering getting rid of our cable subscription here. OK, we get BBC Prime, but how I’d love good old Auntie out here !

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