Das ist Service!

Seven or so years ago, I got my first WAP enabled mobile phone – a Nokia 6310i. Whilst on the 371 back from Richmond station to the shared house I was living in in St Margarets, I gave the WAP browser a go, keen to live the mobile revolution, currently the focus of most of the presentations I was giving at Sun at the time.
I wasn’t able to get to Amazon’s UK WAP page for some reason, but Amazon’s German site worked. I bought an album by Catatonia. The process was slow and fiddly, but it worked and my album duly arrived a week or so later. That was pretty much the last time I ever used a mobile phone to access the internet until getting my current Sony – seven years later.
Today, in my inbox, was a mail from Amazon.de telling me that Catatonia’s former lead singer has released a new album. Now, that, dear readers, is what I call service. It is also what German speakers might possibly call ‘Service’.
If I do buy it, I will still not be using my phone to do so.


2 Responses to “Das ist Service!”

  1. SJS Says:

    Perk up, Laddy. The 371 does not go to St. Margarets. Isn’t the 391 or rather the 319? You do remember where the 371 goes, don’t you?

  2. Marco Says:

    Well, I’m german and I would call that behaviour from amazon spam 😉
    I’m also concerned that amazon keeps a history for that long time, if I check my german amazon account I can see my order history since 1999 and that data warehouse seems to be very big…

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