Chris meets John Abraham

A couple of years ago, I was briefly touched by Bollywood magic. Whilst buying some walkie-talkies at a small electronics stand in one of Dubai’s malls, Bobby Deol walked past me coming out of a tobacconist’s, much to the excitement of the Indian guys manning the till. I had no idea who he was, even though the chap taking my money looked at me as if I were an idiot and told me that it was *the* Bobby Deol!
Today, whilst standing in passport control in Johannesburg, John Abraham was standing a mere six feet away from me, in the queue for South African and African state passport holders, for some reason. That queue tends to move more quickly, so maybe his superstar status wangled him some preferential treatment. I should really have asked for his autograph, but he was being mildly besieged by some of his fellow citizens, so I didn’t.
The local Dubai press usually has Indian stars in their tabloid sections alongside Western stars, so I’m vaguely familiar with the more famous names and faces – I just can’t get into Bollywood films though, even though I tend to watch lots of them by proxy when staring at my neighbours’ TV screens on various Emirates routes. Two exceptions are Lagaan and The Ballad of Mangal Pandey. Highly recommended if you are a fan of films with evil, be-whiskered colonial types and don’t mind fast-forwarding through some of the longer song and dance sequences.
I wonder if I’ll ever get to bump into Aishwarya Rai?


One Response to “Chris meets John Abraham”

  1. mohan Says:

    i hope u meet aish one day
    i want to meet her too

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