Just getting things done

I love this column by The Times columnist Matthew Parris.
In short he praises a UK government minister who ‘just gets things done’. She’s not into a miraculous vision for re-birth and renewal, seismic shifts and reform agendas.
I’ve pasted a key couple of paragraphs below for those who don’t want to read the whole article.
I love this attitude! I try to apply it to my job at Sun. Aim high, but in the absence of mega resources, let’s try to do simple stuff to make things work better.
Copyright, trademark, etc,The Times
…then something else extraordinary happens. Asked on Newsnight to describe her vision for change, she replies: “I don’t have a vision for change.”
Jeremy Paxman is completely stumped. “I just want to make things work,” she explains.
“Ah – you mean the Reform Agenda?” “ ‘Reform’ is a bit strong,” she replies. “There are some useful improvements to be made. It doesn’t require any fundamental change or reorganisation; we just need to sharpen up our act. Results are what count.”
For over all this time, Audrey Williamson has never once made a speech about vision, change or visions for change. She has never claimed she has a dream, or a “passion” for education, the NHS or anything else. There is little in her oratory about rebirth or renewal, new beginnings or a town called Hope. Principles, values, core values, moral compasses, prophecy and all the visionary and inspirational qualities that politicians peddle these days are absent from her vocabulary. So is the language of revolution and transformation. She has not promised a “new” Britain. Vows, pledges, promises, covenants and constitutions are crayons too bright for her palette. Mrs Williamson just wants to make things work.


One Response to “Just getting things done”

  1. Alexander Says:

    There is a HELL of a lot to be said for this, isn’t there?
    I am delighted at her approach – and you know, litotes can be such a powerful approach. Walk softly, carry a big stick. I’ve often advised clients that have a big stick that they really don’t need to go around screaming I HAVE A BIG STICK.
    Similarly, people that don’t have a big stick also like to shout about how big their stick is, just in case the people with a big stick work out they don’t have a big stick after all.
    If you really want to mess with their heads, open your hands and say ‘Look, no stick!’.
    They’ll be convinced you have the biggest stick in the world tucked into your trouser leg.
    And yes, I know it also works for dicks…

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