Palo Alto for the week

I have just arrived in Palo Alto, ready for a week’s well deserved training in Sun’s Menlo Park campus, staying in the Sheraton.
The marathon trek wasn’t too bad and went more quickly thanks to having a colleague from Sun Dubai travelling the same route. The first time I came this way from Dubai I flew with Lufthansa the whole way via Frankfurt, with no in-flight entertainment, no iPod, jammed in the middle aisle, an experience it’s not hard to improve on.
Minor irritations were the guy next to me on the Emirates flight from Dubai to New York and the stewardess on the United flight to San Francisco. Major irritations I will write about in another post.
Every twenty minutes after our 0230 take off, the chap next to me on the Emirates flight would shift position, delivering me a massive jab to the ribs in the process, making sleep impossible. After an hour of this I woke him up and politely asked him not to poke me in the ribs every twenty minutes, although I appreciated he was probably doing it accidentally in his sleep. He apologised and managed not to do it again. Whilst I was pleased that he didn’t, I did wonder why he was doing it in the first place? Did he know he was elbowing me? If he’d been doing it accidentally, then surely it would have continued? Odd.
The stewardess on the flight from New York seemed to conform to all the stereotypes of bad service I’ve encountered on US flights, the overriding impression being that as a passenger in economy you are an irritation for the cabin crew and are simply to be tolerated for the duration of the flight. I’m always lead to believe that America is such a customer focused, service lead kind of place, so it always surprises me when I find exactly the opposite.
Relating the story of how she annoyed me sounds a bit petty written down here now, so I won’t go into the details of how a simple misunderstanding over a glass with ice ended up with me fuming. Suffice it to say that it was totally unavoidable and bloody irritating.
Oh dear, this is a grumpy post. I’ll leave on a high note – I’m really looking forward to the training I’ll be on this week, particularly as I’ll be meeting lots of people I either only know via email or who I’ve only had the chance to meet once or twice before.

2 Responses to “Palo Alto for the week”

  1. Magnus Says:

    I have a colleague who tells me there is nothing worse than a grumpy geek 😉

  2. M. Mortazavi Says:

    If you come to Palo Alto next time, let me know and we can meet in MPK.

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