Here girl

This article is hilarious.
I love the clash of images – the cold, dark Goth-style dress, the gloomy music, the pale faces and black clothing… And a bus pass for t’bus in Yorkshire, like.
I’m sure her parents are pleased – what a nice young man she’s stepping out with.

2 Responses to “Here girl”

  1. Robin Wilton Says:

    True. And what a typically a***-covering attitude from the bus company. These are the same people who don’t fit passenger seat-belts in their vehicles, aren’t they? So it’s OK for them to put passenger safety in jeopardy, but not for passengers to be allowed to take responsibility for their own safety while on board.
    The logic is pretty shoddy, too. If the chained passengers are seated, they are at no greater risk than anyone else. All the driver need do is remain stationary until passengers are seated, or have got off the bus.
    It would be funny, if it didn’t reflect so pathetic a mind-set on the part of the people operating ‘public’ services.

  2. Jyothi Says:

    Love your blogs, they make for a great read everytime.
    Interesting article, and but for your blog I’d never have read it!!
    Well, my sympathies are with the bus driver , to an extent. Hard to say what is the "right" thing to do, and hard to fault him for "erring" on the side of caution.

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