Sana’a part two

My trip to Sana’a last week was probably the most interesting I’ve had for a while.
The full set of pictures is here, but here is a subset.
As mentioned in my earlier post, all the buildings stick to similar ‘design rules’, meaning even newer, cheaply constructed places fit in.
Here’s a ‘new old’ set of shops.

And here’s a building in the Old Town. A much older Old Town than the Old Town I live in!

Lunch was delicious. We started off like this –

I was given a plate and cutlery in the end as I wasn’t managing very well eating with my fingers directly off the table. The side dishes in particular were excellent and included various dips and sauces I’ve never eaten before. I wish I could describe what went into them but I honestly have no idea. The bread was particularly impressive – basically a huge naan bread that’s just folded up and put on the table, rather like a scrunched up bread table cloth.
After lunch.

Pudding was some kind of flaky cakey thing with local honey and bananas. I think I consumed more sugar in one day than I usually would in a month.

As expected, I saw lots of people chewing qat all over the place, but wasn’t able to get a picture of anyone with their cheeks full of leaves. Bits of qat were everywhere, including the stairs to our restaurant.

Whilst the traffic wasn’t bad, driving was a bit erratic for my taste.

Sadly I was only there for one day and had to leave the next morning, after being woken up at at 6am by the call to prayer and kids’ chanting from the school next door to the Movenpick I was staying in. I’ve never been woken up to people shouting ‘Long Live Yemen’ before.
Leaving was quite exciting – I literally had to fight my way through the first baggage x-ray machine, jumping over people’s bags and slipping between people who were pushing and shoving each other to get through. At the Emirates check-in a fist fight broke out in the group of 50 or so Chinese labourers who were flying to Dubai. I’ve never seen anything like it.
Can’t wait to go back.

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