iTunes irritations

iTunes is really beginning to irritate me.
Not surprisingly, video takes up a lot of space. To solve this, I’ve moved my iTunes folder onto a central NAS – a nice little Linksys NSLU2 with two 500GB drives attached to it.
Every so often iTunes resets the default folder from the music folder on my networked Y drive to being on my PC’s C drive. This means that after I’ve encoded a few video files and copied them over to the ‘proper’ music folder on the NAS, when adding them to iTunes, iTunes promptly wastes hours copying them all back to my C drive.
When resetting iTunes to point back to my Y drive, iTunes then takes about twenty minutes ‘updating’ the library.
I think I need to untick the option to consolidate my library to stop this happening or mattering. The consolidate library option’s quite helpful though, as it does keep everything in on place automatically. What’s annoying though is that you have to have everything in one place. I’d like to have my music on one drive and video on another to improve performance and to make space more manageable.

3 Responses to “iTunes irritations”

  1. Riz Says:

    I think itunes is way overrated. Half the time it simply doesn’t recognise my ipod shuffle. When it does, it will randomnly disconnect every now and then. Bah, come on Apple!

  2. Troy Says:

    And this is why I have left iPod for Creative.

  3. weeble Says:

    I have had really good success using Amarok with my iPod. None of the iTunes foolishness. Amarok doesn’t care where your files are stored… granted that is for audio only… no video.

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