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Yesterday was an odd day.
First off, it was grey and wet, which always feels strange, even if it does usually happen for a couple of days every year. Looking at grey skies and windblown palms and hearing rain on the windows confuses a brain that’s grown up in London and has been transplanted to almost continuous sunshine. Even more confusing is going outside and finding it about ten degrees warmer than you were expecting.
Secondly, everything felt odd as we were all effectively obliged to stay at home for security reasons, due to George Bush’s visit. A holiday was announced and most main roads closed, which meant you couldn’t really get anywhere even though you had the day off. Nor could all the staff who would usually be working in shops and restaurants during holidays.
I worked from home just as I would often usually do, particularly during bad weather, but the ‘feel’ I had was strange – hard to pinpoint, but it was all just ‘different’.
Thankfully neither Mrs Saul nor I were caught up in any of the traffic problems reported in this article by the Gulf News.


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