Drowning in Dubai property spam

I’d love to find out who sold my contact details to what seems to be every estate agent in Dubai. My suspicions lie with my mortgage company…
I now get about 5 spam mails a day offering me property for sale or offering to buy my property. More annoying though are the spam text messages being sent at all times of the day and night. I have to pay the roaming fee when these wretched things get sent when I’m out of the country. Recently people have even started calling me up. They get short shrift.
More fool me for using my work email address.
Do any of these people get any business from spamming? I can understand ten people in a million replying to a spam mail offering miracle slimming pills, but do people really reply to these idiots and purchase property from them? If I wanted to buy or sell an apartment here, the last person I’d want to deal with would be the halfwit who sent me a text message at three in the morning.


One Response to “Drowning in Dubai property spam”

  1. SNAZ Says:

    I don’t know where they get your emails from but the property spams are getting uncontrollable. I get them in my Post, my email and I received an SMS from someone last year too.
    Is it really so difficult so sell through Gulf News Properties?

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