It’s the system

Citibank are usually pretty good, but drove me crazy today.
It takes ages to get through to a human being, after going through about 50 different options.
When I finally got through to the customer service rep he was unable to explain why replacing my current card, whose magnetic strap has worn off, means cancelling the card from the moment I make the request. This seems pointlessly inconvenient to me – since the new card has to be activated once I receive it, why not let my current card work till I active the new one? Why leave customers with no card? I appreciate that this process wasn’t invented by the guy I was speaking to, but I wish he’d been able to say something other than ‘it’s the system’ and ‘it’s the procedure’. I’m sorry, but I’m an irritating Brit who won’t accept that ‘it’s the system’ without some kind of attempt to explain why ‘the system’ has the procedures it does.
Asking how long it would take to get the new card, I was told ‘five days’. When I expressed amazement I was then told I could pay 10Dhs and have it couriered, which would take three days. When I asked if there was any way of getting it more quickly, I was told it could be delivered to the branch and collected in two days. When I asked why the list of options wasn’t given to me in the first place to avoid my having to wheedle the info out of him, I got silence.


2 Responses to “It’s the system”

  1. Mike Gerdts Says:

    When this happened to me (forget which credit card company – even if it had a different name it may have really been from Citi) I found it more convenient to apply for a competitor’s card and cancel the worn out card after my new card arrived.

  2. Seabee Says:

    Similar communication problem with my car insurance company. A machine going on endlessly offering numbers to press, but not one of them was to get through to a real live person. The best I could get was press whatever it was and we’ll call you back within three working hours.
    I gave up.

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