Off home, plugless

We’re off back home today, waiting for our Emirates flight, sitting in the excellent lounge in Heathrow. Granted, I haven’t experienced other airlines’ lounges for a while, but Emirates must be hard to beat. Huge drinks selection, fresh food and we’re right next to the gate. I don’t work for Emirates either, although they are a big Sun customer…
The only thing lacking is power sockets – there are plenty in the business centre, but I don’t want to sit in there. I want to relax near the window, use the free wifi and charge my laptop and phone.
Five years ago it was network port access that was a problem in office buildings, but wifi has solved that – the spread of power sockets doesn’t seem to have caught up with ubiquitous ‘device usage’ though. Battery power certainly has a long way to go too.
Only five minutes more and the laptop battery will be dead – time for a freshly cooked steak to compensate…


One Response to “Off home, plugless”

  1. Kigali Says:

    I don’t know what the Emirates lounge is like, but I visited the Virgin Atlantic one in T3 just over a year ago and it was amazing, including a free beauty salon (massages, fake tan etc…).

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