Wii Boxing fitness miracles

I’m not quite at this chap’s level, but recent regular Wii Boxing boughts are really helping me out on the waistline front.
General weight has gone down a bit, but the most amazing things is how trousers that I was previously worried were shrinking around the waist now appear to be expanding. Suit trousers in particular are now hanging off me – the trousers I got married in two and a half years ago are looser round the waist now than they were then, even if the scales show me as being a bit heavier. Unfortunately the jacket’s got a bit tighter round the underarms. Still, beat that, all you married travelling types!
I’ve now bought some weights to put around my wrists while playing. My scores are going down as I’m less nimble, but it makes for an even more thorough workout, that’s also great fun. Smashing people’s faces in in your own living room, with no danger of getting hurt yourself and getting exercise at the same time is an unbeatable combination.
I can’t wait for the new Wii Fitness board to hit Dubai…
On another Wii note, I keep reading about massive shortages in the UK – Dubai is filled with NTSC and PAL Wiis, so if you need one simply drop me a mail, promise to pay twice the list price and I’ll bring you one over when I come back for Christmas.
Fellow blogger ThinGuy is miles ahead of me on the general fitness stakes, but is being much stricter. I have no intention ever of getting up to go to the gym at 0430 every morning, but salute his efforts and results.

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