Hooray for the Queen

The Queen becomes the oldest monarch in the history of The United Kingdom today.
The article in The Telegraph sums up her reign beautifully. Says Peter Hennessy, the Attlee Professor of contemporary British History at Queen Mary, University of London:
“In those years she has presided over the most dignified withdrawal from the superpower status, which is no bad legacy. The way she has adapted, without succumbing to faddish fashions, is a gift of genius.”
I’m a big fan of the Queen. She just seems to fit within modern democratic Britain, providing far more advantages than disadvantages. Should people be in the positions of wealth and influence they are in just because they are born into it? Probably not, but I can’t really think of a decent alternative in this particular case. I shudder at the idea of the UK having a president. Hopefully the Queen’s successors will carry on in the same vein as she has.

One Response to “Hooray for the Queen”

  1. SNAZ Says:

    She’s even gone digtal by releasing her New Year’s message on youtube-don’t think any monarch or rulers ever done that.

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