Decent offroading at last

We’ve finally got around to doing a couple of great off road trips.
First off was a trip to ‘Area 53’, a couple of weeks ago. Two Wranglers and a long wheel base Pajero…
Early on in the trip Rupert fell victim to technology thinking it knows better. His Pajero was in Drive, rather than locked in second or third, so it decided to change up a gear just at the wrong moment, leaving Rupert stranded rather precariously.

I raced up to secure the back of the Pajero, so that he’d be anchored when trying to turn down, should he start to roll. Unfortunately I misjudged things and got stuck myself.

Once Simon had pulled me back out, I attached my rope to the Pajero and Rupert inched back down without any problems. Still, better safe then sorry.

No major stucks for the rest of the day – just enjoying some very big, sweeping dunes.

Last week we went to Sweihan with my new colleague, Gerard. Even bigger dunes, plus the fact that we were following rather than leading, meant a super day’s driving. Brilliant fun, particularly in one huge bowl that saw me driving round and round in fifth gear and low range, in order to keep momentum up and revs down. Incredible stuff. No photos though – we were having so much fun Mrs Saul forgot to take any.
Full set of the Area 53 pics here.

4 Responses to “Decent offroading at last”

  1. Fourth Breakfast Says:

    The dunes look beautiful. Have a happy holiday

  2. Tom Says:

    looks great mate!
    hey could you help me out and reply to this with the gps co ordinates/ basic directions to get to Wadi Assimah?
    merry Christmas btw!

  3. Chris Says:

    Thanks 4th B!
    Tom – the best thing to do is to get the Off Road Explorer from Spinneys. It has Assimah, Tayyibeh and lots of other trips, with maps and GPS co-ordinates. If you can’t find it, email me at christopher dot saul at sun dot com and I’ll dig up the info from my copy when I’m home.

  4. Tom Says:

    Hey thanks for help. i got that book with my wrangler, honestly the best combo.(oman explorer has some amazing trips) I couldn’t find it that time and promised some chaps out of town a trip there. Was ok got there in the end, not as great as your trip there! thanks again.
    Happy new year and best of luck mate.

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