Riyadh for a couple of nights

In Riyadh for a couple of nights.
A premium hotel, but with all the things that annoy me about rooms that are supposed to be ‘business rooms’ – you can’t open the window, you have to crawl on the floor to plug your laptop in, the glass topped table means an optical mouse won’t work and the desk chair is more suited to sitting uncomfortably whilst waiting for a court appearance as opposed to sitting working for a couple of hours.
My driver was from Ethiopia and was playing some really cool sounding Ethiopian pop music – I asked him for the name of the band and he kindly gave me the cassette, despite my protests. I look forward to mp3-ifying when I get back.
I first came to Saudi over 5 years ago and was surprised to see that most of the cars were lumbering American models, compared to Dubai’s general preference for Japanese and European cars (Jeeps aside). The Japanese seem to be making in-roads though, but there are still tonnes of Crown Vics, Suburbans and other slightly dented monsters roaming around.
On my first trip I felt rather like a gangster or a diplomat as I was driven around in a huge Cadillac with tinted windows and an Indian driver who liked rap music. The whole effect was quite incongruous – listening to Public Enemy telling me to Fight the Power whilst shoving small Toyotas off the road and driving past hundreds of mosques was rather surreal…


One Response to “Riyadh for a couple of nights”

  1. Monja Says:

    Hi Chris, I´m very happy to find you via internet. Remember me? I will be in Dubai in february for some days and I would really like to see you and your wife again.
    Unfortunately I don´t have an actual email from you. Could somebody please help me? please send me a mail quibbix@gmx.de
    thanks a lot

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