More Airport problems

The Apple Airport wireless network randomly died again twice in quick succession when downloading a large file and trying to stream iTunes to the Airport Express I have. This is really beginning to irritate me.
I wonder if one solution would be to use the Airport Express as the ‘main’ router and have the Airport Extreme join its network? I’ll fiddle with that when back from Saudi on Thursday. If it does solve the issue, great, but quite frankly the Airport Extreme ought to do what it’s supposed to…


3 Responses to “More Airport problems”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Why are you assuming that the Airport Basestation is the problem? Maybe your ISP is having micro outages and by the time you have finished fiddling with the basestation, your ISP is backup?

  2. Chris Says:

    Because the other connection I have continues without any issues and it’s the wireless network in my flat that goes down under specific circumstances, as opposed to the connection to the internet.

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