Dilip from Du popped round this morning and hooked us up to the phone, internet and TV, finally.
The new Apple AirPort Extreme is up and running, serving files from the disk that was previously locking the ‘house’ laptop in one place, iTunes is streaming music to an AirPort Express and everything seems to be working fine.
The main issue is the huge pile of cords and power leads behind the TV cabinet, but that seems to be unavoidable. We’re trying to go as wireless as possible, but power cables are still an issue.
I seem to be facing the same problems in our small flat that our customers face in their datacentres – power, network throughput and security are an issue but are being solved in a fairly straightforward and cost-efficient way. The main issue is a massive explosion of data – photos, music and now TV are putting major stress on current storage and processing resources. I will shortly have to issue an RFI and entertain proposals from the major vendors on how to solve my problems. I suspect that the answer will simply be to buy more disks. Lots of them.
It’s been odd not having internet access at home for two months. Fortunately I’ve been able to check emails on my phone to some extent and have popped over to the nearby Al Manzil hotel to use their wifi, but not being able to blog when I want to, respond as quickly as people are used to to work emails, check cinema times, news, etc, etc has made life quite different. Mrs Saul and I have been doing strange things – talking to each other, reading books, enjoying the view. Bizarre behaviour, now banished thanks to the return of 24/7 access to Facebook and BBC news.
The balcony is now my new office.

If it’s too hot I’ll retire to my indoor office and enjoy this view.


One Response to “Online!”

  1. Kigali Says:

    Wow. I want that balcony.
    Very impressive.

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