Clarkson’s charity

One of the Sunday Times’ Christmas charities this year, chosen by Jeremy Clarkson, is Help for Heroes.
The paper version of the article mentions something I found very odd – in the UK hospice, military personnel, either visitors or patients, were not being allowed to wear uniform for fear of ‘offending muslim staff of visitors’.
I just don’t understand this – it sounds to me like a decision being made by someone making ridiculous assumptions on other people’s behalf, someone with no links to the muslim community. I certainly can’t claim to speak on behalf of any British muslims myself, but I’m certain the British muslims I know wouldn’t be ‘offended’ at seeing someone in military uniform. I suppose the implication is that a soldier might have been fighting other muslims when in action. Would it be ok to have an injured peacekeeper from Kosovo, wear his uniform as he’d been defending muslim Kosovars from ‘Christians’, in that case?
This seems like a classic case of someone making a decision using the perilous ‘offence’ clause, without any real thought behind their actions and ending up causing genuine offence.


2 Responses to “Clarkson’s charity”

  1. ThinGuy Says:

    And more to the point, it’s a Christmas Charity right? Appeasement never works.

  2. Riz Says:

    Chris, you might enjoy this Economist correspondent’s diary from Abu Dhabi:

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