The Times in the UAE

Old news this, but The Times is now being printed locally in the UAE and is available as a daily edition, covering world events from a British angle, with a good sized UK section.
I think it’s a bit overpriced – 7Dhs for a daily paper irritates me. If it were 3Dhs I’d probably subscribe, but at 7Dhs I’ll just buy it now and then when I know I’ll get a chance to read all of it.
Still, it’s nice to have a daily British paper available. I’ll still enjoy getting the Weekly Telegraph and will still avoid the Weekly Guardian like the plague.


One Response to “The Times in the UAE”

  1. Aaron White Says:

    Well 7AED is 90 pence at todays exchange rate – back in the UK the cover price is 70 pence. So we are paying about an extra 1AED to read a quality British newspaper on the day of print. Seems reasonable to me considering the outrageous prices of "Air Freighted" UK daily newspapers in Dubai.

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