On the road again. Sun to Weds in Bucharest (and Timisoara all day Tues) followed by Sunday to Thursday next week in Cape Town.
The last time I came to Bucharest, Romania hadn’t joined the EU. Just driving from the new arrivals terminal to my hotel today gave me the impression that the country is generally on the up. The cars and roads seemed better and the new terminal was excellent, although still rather small. The local teams have just sold the first deployments of my products into Romania too, so things are definitely on the up from where I stand!
My driver said that he hadn’t seen much in the way of change, although the road infrastructure was being improved. He also said prices had gone up and salaries had stayed the same – part of the European membership double-edged sword.
I’m really looking forward to seeing Timisoara – another place I remember seeing on TV years ago and simply assuming I would never visit. Read the Wikipedia page on the city – quite an ethnic mix over the years.
Tomorrow I’ll be doing sales training, with several people apparently driving up from Bulgaria – a five hour trip. I must make sure I do a good job!


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