The most cheerful man in Dubai

I had my car re-registered a few weeks ago by the most cheerful man in Dubai.
Rather than sit in queues and waste my morning, I decided to use the service offered by my insurance company so I rang them up and booked things.
Agnelo turned up 5 minutes early, was cheery and friendly and brought my car back in minimal time. While I took him up to where my car was parked, he told me that the villa he was staying in hadn’t had any running water for 9 days. Despite this, he seemed on top form, smiling away, joking and chatting politely to me.
The service was so good, I asked him to renew Mrs Saul’s car registration when it was due. On this occasion I got to see Agnelo’s car – without doubt the most decorated Nissan Sunny in Dubai.

The dashboard resembles a kind of cosmic nativity scence – very cool!

Gentlemen like Agnelo make me feel a little ashamed. Should I be moaning about some of the things I moan about, when my life is so comfortable relative to others’?
When it comes to some things, probably not.

One Response to “The most cheerful man in Dubai”

  1. Simon Lodder Says:

    What a great car! I love this guy already

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