No more travelling – for a bit

I’ll be in Dubai for two weeks solid from today. There’s a slim chance that I might do a day trip, but indications are that I can stay put for once and enjoy life here – sit at my own desk, eat food from my own fridge, drive my own car and watch films on a normal sized screen.
I enjoy my travels a great deal, but enough’s enough for the next 14 days or so, after having been away pretty much every week for quite a while now.
Mrs Saul will fly to the UK on Thursday 5 August, so we have a week together with her not working. This usually means a deluge of dinner parties and great food. Can’t wait.

One Response to “No more travelling – for a bit”

  1. Riz Says:

    Chris, here is a cheeky work around for the rebel population living under dictatorships:
    : )

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