Indian Gadgets

I was intrigued when I saw this sign in Carrefour the other day. What could ‘Indian Gadget’ be?

The trail lead to this sign…

…next to shelves containing normal looking pots and pans.
The Arabic text is rather longer than the English. Maybe ‘Indian Gadget’ is a bad translation?

One Response to “Indian Gadgets”

  1. zooey Says:

    it means indian kitchen equipment, gadgets sums it up nicely i think. they prob mean idli steamers, tawas, pestle and mortars, altho i doubt carrefour stocks those. was there really nothing but pots and pans? perhaps there was ONE indian gadget and it got sold? but how about the bathing beauties pictured above the shelves? not pukkah kitchen attire, i’m sure.

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