Obligatory ‘it’s hot!’ post

Any self-respecting Dubai blogger has to have a ‘phwoaar what a scorcher’ type post around this time of year. Dubai’s weather is humid, hot and thoroughly unpleasant. Sweating from car to office is back, as are sunglasses that mist up when you walk outside and condensation on the car windscreen when sitting in traffic.
The first time the condensation thing happened to me when I arrived I tried wiping the inside of the glass, which is where you’d get condensation in the UK. The mist was building up on the other side of course, as the cool glass caused the humid air to condense on it.
Reading about the terrible weather that hit Oman and which is currently pounding Karachi, my discomfort rather pales in comparison.

5 Responses to “Obligatory ‘it’s hot!’ post”

  1. Riz Says:

    The global weather system is not happy. Parts of Europe are suffering from a heatwave while we in the UK have been hit by record breaking rainfall, with many towns in the north now under water.

  2. Rob Says:

    Meanwhile here in the southern hemisphere (well New Zealand at least) we are having massive snowfall and freezing temperatures, much more extreme than normal.

  3. nicki Says:

    So do what Dan did last week when in Dubai and go to the snow dome! Take some photos and blog it so we can see it too!

  4. Chris S Says:

    Good point Nicki. I haven’t been to Ski Dubai for a while…

  5. Seabee Says:

    You forgot to mention the worst part of the weather – the thick dust in the air.

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