Chris poisons himself

Three years ago I discovered a delicious brand of sparkling mineral water in my local supermarket here. It was strong tasting and had an amazing effect on me – I found drinking it gave me a real boost. I drank lots of it, told my friends how good it was and they did the same.
No sooner had I come across it, it disappeared from my supermarket’s shelves. I searched various other shops here but was disappointed not to find it on sale again anywhere.
Apparently it was still being sold somewhere in Dubai though, but I’m glad I didn’t find out where. This article explains why.

2 Responses to “Chris poisons himself”

  1. Marc Says:

    It was probably not the arsenic giving you the boost or the good taste. It would be interesting to know what was in there besides the poison.

  2. Chris S Says:

    Agreed. I’ve had similar tasting mineral waters elsewhere, but nothing quite as much of a tonic as this one.

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