Why does Jane look so young?

I caught a trailer for an interview with Jane Fonda last week. The interviewer asks her how she manages to look so fa bulous at 70 and Jane proudly answers ‘sex, lots of it!’ and looks saucily at the camera.
Having walked through certain areas of Amsterdam and Hamburg and seen the ladies that work there, I don’t think that Jane’s being very honest with us, unless she’s actually a haggard 40 and not a supposedly young looking 70. I think that the combination of good genes, the ability to afford a dietician and to control what she eats have more to do with how she looks like she does, along with a plastic surgeon. And filters on camera lenses.

One Response to “Why does Jane look so young?”

  1. Brian Utterback Says:

    I remember seeing her looking fantastic in Barbarella in 1968, so I guess she can’t be 40!

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