Low carb Viennese heaven

Sitting outside in Vienna last week was wonderful. Schnitzelmania occurred for most of the week.



4 Responses to “Low carb Viennese heaven”

  1. Riz Says:

    Looks like deep fried meat .. danger, danger !

  2. secretdubai Says:

    Erm – sadly not low carb – the coating is megamega carby.
    Low carb alternatives would be a “nut crust” of crushed macadamia nuts or something, or – this is so disgusting I can barely bear to type it, I saw someone suggest it in an Atkins diet forum – a crust made of crushed pork scratching rinds.

  3. art from bart Says:

    well :
    The Fried Meat is ALOT better then SWEETS full of sucar

  4. Chris S Says:

    True, SD – I did avoid the chips though, so it wasn’t that bad.
    A crust of pork scratchings doesn’t sound nice at all.

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