Import your iTunes art

I’ve been trying out various programmes that let you import album cover art into your iTunes library.
TuneSleeveis by far the best. Very easy to use and works perfectly.
Apparently iTunes 7 lets you do this via the iTunes store if you have an account. Setting up an account would mean having to get my UK credit card out of the bottom of a draw, opening an account when logged onto the web through the Sun VPN with the UK proxy set and then using up Sun’s bandwidth to download all the album art. TuneSleeve is probably the best route forward for me for now!

2 Responses to “Import your iTunes art”

  1. secretdubai Says:

    The other way to get an account – especially a US one, which gives you access to the most content – is to buy an itunes gift voucher on eBay. Generally you pay an extra five dollars on top – so a US$10 voucher would cost US$15, making more sense longer term (assuming you use the account) to buy eg a US$100 voucher for US$105 – but it enables you to open an American iTunes account.
    You have to by the vouchers on eBay because Apple won’t sell them to non-US credit cards. I feel it is worth an extra US$5 to get it from a third party, and most send the voucher number through very quickly by email.

  2. kady Says:

    Try Anapod from redchair software, its the best, it uses amazon
    the best thing u won’t need itunes at all after u’ve instaled anapod!

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