Google Desktop for Solaris, please

I have Solaris, Ubuntu and Windows XP on my laptop.
Now that I have more of a sales role, I have less need to ‘test things’, but I still use Ubuntu for VMware to run Sun Ray and SGD demos or to install recent versions of Solaris. As my customers use Windows and my main task is talking about how we deliver a secure and cost-effective Windows desktop, I tend to use Windows as my main desktop, albeit with StarOffice, Firefox and Thunderbird as my main work apps.
I could use all of those apps on Solaris too, but there’s one app that I use constantly that isn’t available on Solaris – Google Desktop. It simply finds everything I need to find and saves a lot of time searching fruitlessly for that elusive email sent months ago.
Any chance of seeing it on Solaris soon…?

2 Responses to “Google Desktop for Solaris, please”

  1. James L Says:

    Beagle, maybe? (Though don’t know if Mono runs on Solaris) –

    … or Tracker (a bit less mature, but doesn’t need Mono) –

  2. Tomasz Says:

    Beagle sounds like a solution. And Mono works on Solaris:

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