Taliban tanks

I’ve seen lots of photos on news sites recently of the Taliban driving around in brand new 4×4 pickups. It makes me wonder what the export regulations are for these kinds of ‘products’?
Sun and other IT companies are subject to strict export compliance rules – everything we sell has to have the end user detailed and export approval granted. These things are strictly monitored and even minor breaches can result in major disciplinary action from the US government. Do similar rules apply to the manufacturers who make these vehicles?
I realise that anything and everything can be smuggled and that there are always countries willing to sell to all kinds of middlemen, knowing full well that the end user’s not particularly popular.
That said, it strikes me that since these kind of groups favour certain brands above all others, surely the manufacturers would prefer their logo not to be associated with the Taliban? Second hand vehicles making it over the border I can understand, but seeing a group like the Taliban happily equipping themselves with such gleaming new kit is a little surprising.

2 Responses to “Taliban tanks”

  1. James A R Brown Says:

    Yes, you are right the US Govt is immensely strict in such issues, it is not applicable to just computers but whole countries are normally blacklisted. For the US these are the likes of Libya, Iraq, Iran.
    The problem is these are not being shipped directly to “The Taliban, somewhere in Afghan”, they are probably not manufactured in the top economies of Japan, EC or US, and realistically are probably shipped to a neighbouring country.
    100 brand new To%ota pickups manufactured in China, shipped to freezones such as Dubai, split down and sold to a company say in a neighbouring country, could easily make it into Afghan.
    Hopefully this enables you to see how easy it is for such product to make it into the wrong hands totally without intention.
    I am sure there are Sun servers out there that are in countries not condoned by Sun or the US Govt, but how would you know until one appeared in a photo or newsreel?

  2. Steve Ballmer Says:

    Hey, haven’t you heard?
    A rising tide lifts ALL boats…including the Taliban’s.

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