Flickr blocked

Apologies to any UAE readers who can’t see photos I post here. I use Flickr to host my pictures – the uploader makes it easy to get my photos on the site and arrange them into sets and I’ve also paid up $24 or so for the premium edition.
Unfortunately though Flickr is blocked again in the UAE. Hopefully the content that is responsible for the site-wide block will either be removed or the UAE’s filter will be adapted to block only the offending pages. I do hope this happens soon, as for the most part Flickr’s content is clean and it’s an excellent service. I know that many UAE based Flickr users find it invaluable for sharing their images of life in the Emirates with their family and friends abroad, for example.
If I have the odd pic I’ll upload it to Sun’s blog site, but for more than that I’ll still use Flickr – fingers crossed that it’s able to be unblocked again in the near future.

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