Technology lets me down

Technology’s let me down twice today.
First off the Jeep’s battery was completely dead this morning, so I had to get a taxi to work. Car batteries here seem to last for about a year and a half and then die without any warning. Not Jeep’s fault though.
Secondly, the joystick on my borrowed K750i has suddenly stopped working. Frequent blog readers of mine are entertained, I know, by my regular postings on the twin themes of electrical plugs and on Sony’s shortcomings. This may be the last straw for Sony as far as I’m concerned. Time to return to the Nokia fold, or buy a Motorola to demonstrate my role as a standard bearer for standard cabling across multiple vendors.
I’ve never really liked Motorola phones – I don’t like clamshells and their normal phones come across as a bit girly. A Nokia it will have to be, unless a Sony exec wants to give me a new joystick free phone to placate me. One that uses the same data cables I already have. And will use the Memory Stick Pro cards I already have. And the earphones I already have. And the chargers too.
Looks like I’ll be getting a Nokia.

One Response to “Technology lets me down”

  1. David Gertrude Says:

    Do you guys do any fucking work at sun?

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